Artist Statement


Shernett Art of Creation

Visual Artist Shernett Muhammad

Life is a moving canvas; living work of art and we’re masterpieces of the Creator on display in Life’s Gallery; Living the Art! Everything is ART – The Actualization and Realization of Talent- The Genius of the Creator’s Mind. Harmonically contrasted, humanity and nature are fusions of science, mathematics, and artistry; it is “The Art of Creation,” ever changing, evolving and revealing.

From this majestic beauty I draw inspiration for vivid works of art. My subject matters emanate from things I see at random during my day to day travel. These things are often the more outstanding of what’s around me. My eyes and memory are not so dependable, but my camera is. It allows me to capture the finer details of these moments my memory alone would soon nullify.

Painting Realism is my passion, so the more details I capture, the more stimulating and satisfactory the process of creating great art is for me. As soon as I’ve completed one painting, that feeling of satisfaction fills me and I begin scanning the landscape and horizon for a new high, a new subject to capture that feeling again.

Currently, I’m working with the theme “The Water’s Edge: Florida Inside-Out,” which focuses on the State of Florida and eventually, will focus on other areas outside of Florida. Florida is paradise in terms of its climate, natural oasis, and diverse cultures. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Straits of Florida. Sitting on the outskirts of Florida peninsula are the Caribbean Islands, the Caribbean sea and on the interior is the Florida Everglades, these are different environments and worlds of intrigue in themselves.  I’ve had the opportunity to explore a little of the everglades and from this experience I created the painting “Florida Everglades: Flight of the Egrets,” displayed above. There’s so much to explore, discover and capture on canvas of “Natural Florida,” so this is my goal for the next six months to a year. Stay Tune let’s see what artistic intrigues Florida continues to reveal!

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